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Welcome to MLWC!

Beth Leiner

Beth spent her formative years growing up in Medford Lakes; riding bikes to Riv and 7-11, swimming in the lakes, and building lasting friendships at summer camp. She moved back with her husband and son (now 6) in 2017 and has since welcomed a daughter as well (now 3). Beth joined the MLWC after moving back and is how she developed some of her best friendships in town. The MLWC has been there for women at some of their worst and best times and Beth is excited to continue to provide a fun and caring environment.


Taylor Cragin

Taylor has lived in Medford Lakes for over four years with her husband Mike. She was a "boy mom" of two little boys for over 5 years, but finally added a girl to the crew in April 2021! Taylor is a teacher by trade, as well as by nature and always has good, practical advice to offer if someone is in need. She has volunteered at many Women's Club events over the last few years and has made invaluable friendships along the way. Taylor enjoys being a part of something that will give other women the same opportunity to make lasting friendships, and to help maintain and improve this little unique town.

Vice President
Eva Dougherty

Eva moved to Medford Lakes in the summer of 2017 and knew right away she was home. As a New Jersey native Eva didn’t grow up in the area but fell in love with the town and can’t imagine raising her young son anywhere else in this great state. You can usually find Eva reading a book, but she also enjoys gardening, renovating houses, and cooking mediocre food in her spare time. Eva is looking forward to stepping up as the Vice President of the MLWC for 2022 and playing a key role in part of what makes Medford Lakes so special.

Assistant Treasurer

Kelly Rose

Kelly grew up in Medford Lakes and moved back in December of 2018. She and her husband Dan knew Medford Lakes is the perfect place to raise their two children, Matheson (6) and Mallie (3). While Kelly is fairly new to MLWC, she is looking forward to participating in different events and having fun with the other ladies

Past President Advisor
Monica Creamer &
Kristin Burke

Recording Secretary

Wendy Munson

Wendy is excited to be a part of the MLWC Executive Board this year and has so many great ideas to for the club to build better connections between its members. 

Corresponding Secretary
Biba Vernon

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